Our mission is to solve challenging problems using "beautiful" technology. We're a bunch of positive-minded geeks and business leaders with significant experience in building businesses and cutting-edge technology solutions.

We Love

  • Solving big, interesting day-to-day problems
  • Elegant solutions (often with beautiful technology)
  • Working in high-energy teams with a ton of passion

Our approach

  • Focus on the human - this is usually where most products fail
  • Iterate the solution - the more feedback we get the better the product gets
  • Don't build technology for technology's sake - solve the problem

We believe that

  • A few smart, empowered people can truly make a difference in this world
  • Attitude is more important than raw talent
  • If we focus on doing an awesome job, the rest will follow

To find out more, write to us at: support@loctoc.com